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Who we are

Purpose Publishing was formed when we saw so many great Australian success stories going untold. Each experience and situation is unique in its own way, and each one shares common elements of planning, vision, experience and hard work.

Each and every person has a story to tell, but it’s the successful ones we focus on. With a desire to learn more, at Purpose Publishing our objective is to create a vehicle to carry all that valuable information, so it can be passed along to people in similar situations who can learn from it, and benefit themselves.

There’s a saying that nothing in this world is original, and the same can be said for most companies and ideas. So why re-invent the wheel when there’s a great wealth of success out there already, just waiting to be absorbed and built upon?

And so Purpose Publishing was born, eyes wide open and with a hunger for learning.

What we do

We tell your story

In essence, we simply tell your story in a compelling and effective way, that engages the audience, but also indirectly encourages them to use your service or product.

There is nothing more interesting than a company’s highly-successful founder or current leader talking about their philosophies, critical milestones, and the standout touch-points of their business/service.

Books might be “old technology” but how could you give an e-book or an online link as a gift? They simply don’t compare to a beautifully presented full colour book.

We believe your story is unique, and that your great success is testament to your vision, insight and perseverance. But where did it start? What inspired you? What decisions did you make that you now look back on with pride? And which ones did you perhaps regret, but learn a lot from?

When a potential consumer hears and sees the business owner relating their journey, it makes the business “real” and “authentic”, adding a huge dose of credibility along the way.

How we do it

Purpose Publishing will create a permanent record of your own words, your most valuable pieces of advice and your time-proven philosophies. Your story is presented alongside those of other similarly successful people, all published in a full-colour book of which you will be extremely proud. We sit down one-on-one with you and do a thorough interview.

We also organise a professional photographer to take your head-shot for the first page of your chapter, and we can also incorporate up to two additional photos, supplied by you. Perhaps something special that you’re very proud of?

A lot of emphasis is placed on the editing component of the text to make sure it’s an interesting and captivating experience for the readers. We have specialist editors to peruse and tweak the final copy, while not losing the desired impact or the flow of your personal story. However, you have the final say and approval.

We also ensure the finished product is very professional, and of a very high quality, and for a minimal investment.

Once completed, your book is then delivered in bulk to you, for you to present to your important clients, special customers and even family and friends.

Get in touch today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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